More Horoscopes for Virgo

You're kinkier than you let on — use the energy you're feeling right now to live your sexual truth. Try a new kink with a partner, or if you're single, join a new dating site or check out a sex party.

Mercury retrograde ends on Wednesday, November You are extra affected by this as Mercury is your ruling planet, so expect communication to run a lot more smoothly all of a sudden. Scorpio season ends and Sagittarius season begins on Friday, November Even with the holidays, Sagittarius season helps you become more productive. Though you should definitely make time for your friends and family, there's no shame in using downtime to get ahead for the upcoming new year.

On Monday, November 25 , Venus, ruler of love and money , enters hard-working Sagitarrius. Dive deep into any creative or professional projects you have been waiting to put your energy toward. This transit may also cause you to look more critically at your love life. Honest reflection is healthy, but be careful not to be too critical, dear Virgo.

It takes time to get to know someone and to find any underlying motives that one may have. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! When this Virgo birthday person loves, it is for real. However, in light of your hopeless and romantic ideals, you should not give up. Dreams do come true but only with the right person. You see, born a Virgo; you will likely become more objective about your choices in love as you learn from your previous relationship.

You know you are worthy, which is why you must slow down and make better selections.

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Virgo Rising ~ Decans 1, 2 & 3

You are almost there. The September 9th zodiac shows that once you achieve understanding and patience, you will come to know that you can do anything. This will change the way you look at other things.

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This can be a good thing as people take note of you. When it comes to professionalism, you own it. You dress the part, as you are ready for whatever comes your way. You can be a writer or have a job as an actor. You throw great parties, so maybe you could be an event planner. It does not matter; you will be great at whatever you choose. As a Virgo born today on September 9, you have a great business mind that could very well be used in management or a business of your own.

You are good at teaching a child something new, and you are good at redesigning yourself as needed. You know when to call in favors. What Color Matches Your Personality?


Try The Quiz Now!! We should talk about your health. In short, people with zodiac birthday September 9 are active, and that is good. Cancer June July 22 Avoid arguments with parents, bosses and the police today because they could be nasty. Be smart. Leo July Aug. You might go head-to-head with someone in a nasty way. You might have big travel plans today or be hopeful about a legal outcome. Virgo Aug.

Virgo March 2019 Astrology Horoscope Forecast

You might also be tempted to give away too much money. Whatever the case, this is actually a poor day for financial decisions — factoid. Postpone big decisions until Monday.

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    Avoid big plans today — wait until Monday. Sagittarius Nov. Likewise, parents must be patient with their kids. And yet, fun times and exuberant occasions are also possible. See Moon Alert.